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Camino 2015, pictures: day 004 Skaryszew

On the fourth day of my pilgrimage to Santiago I went from Zwolen to Skaryszew. I wanted to go to Radom, but the priest in Zwolen told me that in Skaryszew there was a parish of Sts. James the Apostle. So the chance that I find a place to sleep was bigger.

This day I still remember because it was unusual. Huge empty, vacant and quiet spaces. No presence, no sounds of any civilization. Conversations with the wind and leaves in the woods. Beautiful sun. Silence. March. Beautiful.

Camino 2015, pictures: day 003 Zwoleń

Third day of my pilgrimage from Poland to Santiago. I’ve walked from Janowiec to Zwolen. Unfortunately I almost didn’t make pictures. I was very scared if I find a place to sleep, because the day before I almost end up nowhere. But this time wonderful priest allowed me to stay on the floor in parish. So I was very grateful. There are only 3 pictures. A mess in my room in the morning, before I started to walk. Me and the road sign of Janowiec and the map of that day.

Pictures from Camino 2015: Day 001 Nałęczów

A man who red my book about my 130 days pilgrimage, asked me “What about pictures? I would like to see what you’ve seen”. So I decided to share these photos in “day by day” form, since I started from my home in Lublin, till I got to Santiago and Finisterra. There will be pictures from Poland, Germany, France and Spain. Just as I have walked.

So today is the day one (001) from my hometown Lublin, to next – Nałęczów. It was about 30km long and I spent the night in a little convent. There are some pictures and a map of the journey that day.

I share those pictures through filckr, I hope that it will work. Buen Camino.