Camino 2015, pictures: day 115 Ribadeo

Too much. Pictures. Over 60. It was a colorful stage. Wonderful day. Sometimes it happens, because life… changes. Early morning – sunrise. Then road to Tapia. Awesome bridge to Ribadeo. I came first. Lied down and started to bathe in the sun, just next to the wall of the albergue. Then Takahashi came, and a German pilgrim and Justyna from my own country. We called police and ask how to enter albergue. Young Germans came. In the evening we went to the church because it was Sunday. Yep… the only pilgrims that went to church to pray, to mass, were from Poland. After that, young woman from Holland invited us for a fiesta. I left my young friends and returned to albergue. There… Takahashi proposed that we drink a bottle of wine, cause … we won’t met again. Frankly saying I’m angry. I’m very angry that I won’t met so may wonderful people again. Maybe God at last. Exist. Event if we can’t see Him, He… exist. And in Him, all of this. These treasure moments, these people, it all exist exists in this unstoppable ocean of Love and Life.

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Camino 2015, pictures: day 110 Aviles

On 100 day I was in Noja. on 110 day I walked 35 km to Aviles. I started from Deva very early, actually it was night then. In Gijon a labyrinth of narrow streets and Camino marks, especially on the enter to the city. On can get lost. There was a church in the center. I came in. It was dark. Only two spots of light on the cross. I kneel. Said nothing. Maybe there was no need? Maybe we talk to much? The weather was cloudy, the road was long.

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