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I wrote a thousand page book from my pilgrimage. It’s extremely honest and it gets highly positive reviews from those who read it. It’s in Polish language.

I dream about it translated into English, to share it with English speaking world. If you could help me with that in any way, please give me a sign or donate that project. I will be grateful.

It would be done not only for me, but for the cause, for others to be able to read it, maybe to experience something important from that lecture.

My book in Poland can be bought as a paperback or e-book, but still it’s available as a “donativo” so I’m sharing it with people without a fee, cause – in my opinion – one of the purpose of life is sharing what we have.

The book has 130 chapters describing 130 days of my pilgrimage. Below there is translation of the first six. This I was able to achieve myself till now. Choose the appropriate format and download it from links below. Read it and tell me, what do you think.


Files updated: 2017-08-12

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