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Camino 2015, pictures: day 007 Opoczno

7th day of my Camino in year 2015, Distance: 0km. After the day before which was almost a disaster I was unable to walk again. Fortunately I found a good priest in Opoczno who allowed me to stay for a night at parish. I decided that day, that I will never count on luck or just on ppl again. I will always try to find some kind of reassurance, a commercial accommodation at least in the place I intend to sleep. There is only one photo from that day, it is a church on the parish I slept.

Camino 2015, pictures: day 008 Sulejów

I share album of pictures from 8th day of my pilgrimage from Poland to Santiago in 2015. I’ve walked from Opoczno to Sulejów about 30km.

An interesting view of Poland one can see from this road. Everywhere the terrain is almost perfectly flat and green and stretches until horizon.

I found an accommodation in Cistercian abbey in Sulejów. Part of it is now a hotel, but another part is still used by monks. It was founded by polish prince Kazimierz II Just in 1176, so 840 years ago. I almost felt this span of time there. There is a beautiful little church in the abbey. It is on pictures in album below.

After 8 days of my pilgrimage to Santiago I was still in Poland and I had more than 400 km to the border with Germany.

Camino 2015, pictures: day 009 Bełchatów

Below is an album with a few pictures from 9 day of my Camino from Poland to Santiago in 2015. I’ve walked (still in Poland) from Sulejów to Bełchatów, distance: 40km.

In the morning when I started from cistercian abbey, in part of abbey that was turned into a hotel, was still a party. Young men were drunk, food everywhere, on table, on the floor. And me starting 40km walk.

After that day I got blisters. Unfortunately when I finished walking, all the shops were closed, so I got sleep mainly hungry, but I felt into sleep immediately.

Camino 2015, pictures: day 010 Szczerców

10th day of my Camino from Poland to Santiago in 2015. Still in Poland. From Bełchatów to Szczerców – only 22km. There is the only one photo – church in Szczerców and a map of course below.

I remember I was hungry because of the holiday in Poland shops were closed. I found a little restaurant and asked for a cheap meal. The owner didn’t know that I am a pilgrim, but I got a soup for free. They just saw a tired and hungry man.

So, maybe this is the real Christianity. Apart from attending ceremonies (or event instead of) to see in someone else a close person, a friend, a brother. To be helpful, to share what we have. In that way we are together, kind of family as one can experience meeting other pilgrims on Camino.

Camino 2015, pictures: day 011 Osjaków

11 day of my Camino from Poland to Santiago in 2015 I walked from Szczerców to Osjaków – 26 km. In the morning I bought in Szczerców half kg of bread and some yoghurt, I sat on the grass and I ate all of this. Then 5 min later a man came to me and asked if I would come to his house for a breakfast 🙂
In Osjaków I met wonderful priests. I stayed at parish for a night. I shaved for the first time in my pilgrimage cause I didn’t want ppl to be scared by my appearance 🙂 There is only a photo of the church in Osjaków. One from the inside, and a map.
I have walked for 11 days and I had more distance to the border of my country than I left behind my back. I just wanted one thing, and one thing only – to get to the destination of the current day. I didn’t thought about Santiago. Honestly saying I thought that it’s impossible for me to get there. So I was focused on one thing only – get things done in the present day.

Camino 2015, pictures: day 012 Walichnowy

Some pictures form 12 day of my Camino from Poland to Santiago. This time from Osjaków to Walichnowy – 32 km. Mainly through forests. Tough road. First good weather then rain. There are some views from Poland.

In Walichnowy I met an unusual priest. Why unusual? Because he had a sense of humor! Mother of the priest the old lady asked me several times if I do a penance through this pilgrimage. I assured her that it’s not the case. But I don’t know if I was convincing 🙂

I think that today ppl walking camino for little different reasons than thousand years ago. I walked to look for something and to thank God. I slept on the floor in a little room. As always, the dream came to me fast and easy.

Camino 2015, pictures: day 013 Kępno

13 day of my Camino from Poland to Santiago in 2015. I’ve walked 29 km from Walichnowy to Kępno. I was tired. That time 30 km for me it was a challenge. I’ve made only 2 photos in that day, both in Wieruszów. I bought some canned food there, sat down in the center and ate. It tasted awful but was cheap 🙂

In Kępno I was welcomed on a catholic parish: “We welcome you dear priest”. I felt realy uncomfortable. Evidently there was some misunderstanding in phone call. But thankfully I explained everything and I got a warm welcome, for which I am still grateful.