Camino 2015, pictures: day 130 Warsaw

In 130 day of my Camino I boarded plane in Santiago. Seeing the empty seat by the window on the right, I asked the steward if I could change place. “After the instruction,” he replied. After what instruction? But a moment later I knew. He stood in front and gestured. What to do, when there’s nothing to do. Cool. The plane broke off silently. First 10, 20 meters. Then higher and higher. Things slowly became signs, lines, points. Flight to Madrid was short. New airport – what a mess. Hive. Densely. Tightly. Hot.

I tried to take pictures, seeing nothing on the screen of my broken cellphone. Some of them are ok, others not. Those worth a look, I posted below. “So what. Are you changed? “A medical graduate sitting next to me, asked me a question. I hesitated for a moment. But finally I told the truth – Calmer. Maybe that’s the point. Not how much we had experienced, saw, what kind of memories we had gathered. Maybe it’s about whether it changed us or not? What has changed in us? For a while. Permanently. Are we a different person thanks to Camino?

The answer that one would like to give is “Of course, that’s a great experience!” The answer that may come after time: “Maybe not. Actually I am similar, similar to the person who was in the beginning.” So did something change? Does something change in us? I think yes. When I look carefully at myself, at my different attempts and endeavors, I come to the conclusion that the change is happening, but every change which is true, in fact, is gradual, in total – slow. So if there is only a little change in you, in me, it’s not bad at all, that’s just fine. Because it’s a step, because every our journey consists of such steps. And then at the end, it is hard to believe that we’ve reached so far, trying to make just this next step.

And this is the END, my posts, presenting pictures of my Camino. This is a little weird, looking back now. Four months of these notes on facebook. But that was something. And that’s what I wish you all. Establishing distant goals, then be stubborn and have courage. In a stream of our days, this stubbornness and consistency, changes everything. It allows us to go, wherever we go. It’s kind of engine. I sincerely thank everyone who gave to these posts a “like”, every one who looked at the pictures, each one who posted a comment to my notes. I am just grateful to you, because it is kind of, I know virtual and imperfect, being together. And where if not on St James paths one can experience both – loneliness and being together – with unparalleled intensity? So … go on your own way, make your journey. Write it with your own steps. Be for others as shelter. And may St. Jacob and the Father himself will always be for us on the roads we go, with helping hand.
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