Camino 2015, pictures: day 129 Santiago de Compostela

129 day since I left my home was Sunday. I was still in Santiago. I slept well in Aquarius, although two pilgrims next to me, had some dirty clothes so the smell was disturbing.

All the gifts I bought the day before. I just walked to Cathedral for a mass. I say in a way, to be able to see the big flying incense burner. In the afternoon I took my staff from Aquarius and went to a bus station. From there rode by bus to the airport. I liked it. I never flight by airplane before. On the airport I tried to sleep in some separated part, but a woman in uniform informed me, that it will be closed. So I changed my place.

I learned to make photo or a movie with no picture on the screen of my cellphone. So I made a few photos. You may watch them below. One view especially took my attention, it was a inscription carved in a pavement: “Europe was made on the pilgrim road to Compostela”. They say it’s quote from Goethe. And who knows? Maybe it’s true? Maybe people of this unique continent, full of so many different nations and languages, really found something common on this road? Some kind of mechanism and value that bonds them together, that shows them, that they’re similar, that they share values, dreams, identity… And maybe Santiago tells this story again – this time – to us. And maybe others will add to that amazing story their own new chapters, by effort, experience, humanity. Walking along St. James paths. Maybe it will be you, maybe even me – some day. Wish you that, because… it is just a beautiful way…

You may read full six day of my pilgrimage, from my book, translated into English. If you will, I would appreciate any feedback, how you found it. It’s available in formats for Kindle, epub, and pdf

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