Camino 2015, pictures: day 126 Fisterra

Where the pilgrimage ends? Where and when? Probably, when no more steps can be made. Because there’s no more land, because it’s Finis Terrae. I know people walking further, making circles. I don’t get it. This last day of walking was very hard for me, although still beautiful. My body started to send some alarming signals after four months of walking, tried to say – it is enough. I reach Fisterra early. Got a bed in albergue. On the street… yep, I met Staszek, whom i met the first time in Almuna. These meetings on Camino – miracles. We bought beer and iceream, and walked to the beach, to watch sunset. Staszek had a good reflex camera, me just my broken cellphone. I just watched. I could sit like that, forever… I’m not exactly sure – why. Then coming back, farewell, albergue. Most pilgrim went outside. I had flight home three days later. I decided to stay in Fisterra.

But still the question from the beginning remains. Where our pilgrimage ends? What is the goal of our pilgrimage, actually? Because somehow I felt that we’re going much further that to Santiago, although it’s so far. Where are we going? To where we’re heading? Finally maybe to home? To the place, where we’re supposed to be? Or maybe such home doesn’t exist, and all of it are just delusions? We don’t know that. We are on the road. We believe. We go towards unknown, meeting pain, suffer, beauty and joy. This Unknown is unknown for real. But it’s unknown only now. Because sometime we’ll reach the end of our pilgrimage, and we’ll make one more step. It would be good, to hear in that moment: “You have fought a good fight, You have finished course. Welcome” which I wish to myself and to all you reading this note.

Translation of first six chapters (days) of my book, from my Camino.

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