Camino 2015, pictures: day 123 Negreira

Picture from 123 day of my Camino taken in 2015. Kind of post scriptum. Stage to Negreira appeared difficult for me, although relatively short. From all what happen and was interesting on that day, I will mention on thing. Among pilgrims in Negreira I met a French woman – Sylvie. The thing is, that Sylvie, two months before, was a hospitalera in a little French town, I she was accepting me for a night. What’s a meeting! Quite miraculous. Like in Miraz.

Who knows, maybe on of the sense of Camino are these meetings? Meeting with strangers who appears so close to us. Meeting with people we would never think we can met. Meeting nature. And at last, meeting God, which is always and everywhere present, and probably is smiling, looking at pilgrims walking along St James paths…

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