Camino 2015, pictures: day 121 Santiago de Compostela

You can’t, you just can’t express some things in words. After 120 days since I left my home, in the morning I started to walk to Santiago de Compostela. Probably I didn’t believe that I reach it. I was just very stubborn and… maybe there was something beyond myself.

When I enter Santiago, I saw my whole pilgrimage, my entire Camino. Because Camino is not any route, not Frances, nor del Norte. Camino is a personal experience of everyone of us, walking along St. James paths.

And Camino has this peculiar feature. How much we’ll give: honesty, effort, truth, sometimes pain, sacrifice and risk, that much we’ll get back. Or more precisely twice or more. But this is it, giving and receiving. And therefore we create and add, and give, everyone his own Camino. And in that experience we met each other. Sometimes on a pilgrim path, sometimes after pilgrimage. And in some way, we discover again ourselves and other people.

It was a real crowd, waiting for pilgrims certificate. I spend there two hours. Then – cathedral, pictures, going outside to Praza do Obradoiro, then to the right of Cathedral. I remember a long stone bench, along the wall. I sat down there, then lied down. A man in the mask, played guitar. Birds were gliding above cathedral. And I realized that my journey is over. It was a very peculiar feeling. Kind of endless peace. Certainty that I always be there, in that city at the end of the world (in my view), in some way. That I am a citizen of Santiago like all the pilgrims are.

I decided to stay one more day in Santiago. The next day was Sunday, so it would be a religious pinnacle of my pilgrimage. Then on Monday I planned to walk to Finisterra. There are a lot of pictures in album below.

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