Camino 2015, pictures: day 118 Miraz

Margarets parents lived just close to my place, but… it was before second world war. After that war they decided to stay in England. She grew up and finally after many, many years joined CSJ “The Confraternity of Saint James”.

On 118 day of my Camino I get up very early. After two days, every one of 36 kilometers, I decided to go to 38 km to Miraz. There was a miraculous rainbow that morning. Then rain and rain, and rain. Then these marks: 111km 111m to Santiago. 100km. Less. Then beautiful forest. And… I reached Miraz.

Margaret came to albergue that CSJ was in charge in Spain. It was her first time. And she waited for her first pilgrim. “Who it will be?” Than the first man sat in front of her. When she reached for id-card she froze. This man was from Poland and he walked to this place from his home, just a few kilometers from where her parents lived long time ago.

Sometimes life writes so strange lines for us. We may treat them as accidents, as just chances. Or we may see it as a sign, as an event that touches our heart and says something important to us. And maybe the most important message is, that we are loved ones. There was much more that day, including my solo singing in the church. But all of it is in the book, I hope you’ll read some day.

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