Camino 2015, pictures: day 117 Vilalba

A few pictures from 117 day of my Camino. I walked 36 km, from Mondonedo to Vilalba. I started early, so I made some pictures of Mondonedo fiiled with lights. There is one special photo, from the day before. Justyna presents something for all the pilgrims. Later we voted what to do, with that “something”. Two men won against one woman πŸ™‚

In that morning first time in my pilgrimage I had to put on gloves on my hands. It was cold, a little wet and wind, and I cannot stand a pain in my hands any more. Later, as usual, it became hot. Road was long – 36km, and I didn’t rest.

In the evening the three of us – me, Staszek and Justyna, made a dinner. Frankly saying, it were Staszek and Justyna who made it. We ate and made ourselves a photo – “we together”. Because we felt we should. And… we were right πŸ™ cause we never met together again.

I translated the first 6 days of my book, printed in Poland, into English. Now material is in proofreading. In next Wednesday it will be available, if anybody will want to see how it all started.

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