Camino 2015, pictures: day 116 Mondonedo

All good things end at some point. We don’t want it, we don’t like it, sometimes we don’t agree. Spiritual teachers say that we should accept this. Who cares what they say? I don’t. I didn’t follow the route of Camino, because it leaves the Atlantic. And I and Atlantic became friends.

So I walk my own way. The way no pilgrim took. The way that was not prepared for pilgrims. Just usual Spain, usual Galicia. I walked along the coast while Camino route follow into the mainland. For a few more hours I saw this beautiful, infinite ocean of beauty. And felt something, that is and remain unnamed.

In San Cosme I turn to the South and walked toward Mondonedo. It was 116 day of my Camino. I’ve walked 36 kilometers with one 10 minutes long stay, just before San Cosme.

In Mondonedo I met my friends from Poland again: Justyna and Staszek. They were bright points on my way. I didn’t walk with them, you know… the difference of age for example. But we find out our company at the evening very warmhearting (probably a wrong word in English).

Sometimes I have a stupid idea on my mind. It says, I could walk backwards from my home to Santiago. Meaning East. To Russia, to Moscow. Than took a plane to US and walk through it. Trying to give an example what is today a pilgrimage, to show that there is a place called Santiago where the everyman can walk, regardless even faith, nationality, education or race. But it’s stupid, and I know that. And only God knows, if some day me or someone else will do it. Or maybe did it and I just feel it unaware of it.

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