Camino 2015, pictures: day 114 La Caridad

Road to La Caridad was long and charming. In the morning I walked with a Spaniard from Valencia. Hi was impressed by del Norte. He told me that in his area there is little green if any. Here he loved green color everywhere. He should see Poland, the most green country ever 🙂

From all pilgrims I get to know, only Staszek and Taka arrived to La Caridad. Maybe 32 km with many ups and downs was to much for others? There was a lot of Germans in albergue and nice guy walking from Viena. I wolud talk a lot about all of it, but today I’m really tired. Just my book in Polish has been printed at last.

Next pictures (as these below) will be probably on Monday. Did you know that names of days in a week came from names of planets? It’s especially in romanian languages like French. In German languages the days derives their names form German gods. In Slavic… oh…. that in not about Camino! 🙂 Look at the pictures. There are some from early morning in Almuna, there are from Luarka and some beautiful views from the road.

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