Camino 2015, pictures: day 113 Almuña

It was a short but reach in impressions and emotions day. 113 day of my Camino, I walked 17 km from Cadavedo to Almuña-Luarka. I’ve lost route that day, and tried to go by a GPS dierctions through the forest. I end up going back, making additional distance.

Before Luarka a miracle, a Spanish woman talking English. Spaniards mostly don’t talk English and are proud of that 🙂 (I’m joking). Most of my companions from Cadavedo went to Luarka, cause it’s a town, and there we better conditions in private albergue. I went to Almunia cause it was cheaper. And it was the blessed choice.

First – hospitalero, appeared as from different space-time area. Then a supermarket nearby. Every pilgrim knows what that means. Maybe richest doesn’t 🙂 When I rested and almost slept, then I was wake up in my own language! It was Staszek. A wonderful young man walking del Norte in Spain. When Takahashi arrived (my friend from Japan) we decided to do some shopping and to give out a Polish-Japanese dinner. It was a good wine, a pilgrims food and unmatched atmosphere.

I leave a photo of me and Taka, I think that my friend wouldn’t mind of make it public.

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