Camino 2015, pictures: day 112 Cadavedo

111 day of my Camino: 25 km to Cadavedo. Cloudy weather, some little rain. Camino Naturale, a new route that was proposed by hospitalero in Soto de Luina led me into unbelievable mud. Dirty and tired I walked that route uphil. But when it led me down into the mud again I refused to follow it. I just walk along the road to Cadavedo.

I arrived as first. Albergue was not impressive but cheap. I planned my return to home, to Poland. I started to long for it. So many days, so many people, I don’t know I just started to feel, that… maybe it’s time to return, to be back.

In the evening we sat down in international company and… just talked to, laugh, just we’ve been together, like people can be on Camino, maybe like nowhere else. It’s curious why we can’t be that way in our daily life? Or… can we?

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