Camino 2015, pictures: day 110 Aviles

On 100 day I was in Noja. on 110 day I walked 35 km to Aviles. I started from Deva very early, actually it was night then. In Gijon a labyrinth of narrow streets and Camino marks, especially on the enter to the city. On can get lost. There was a church in the center. I came in. It was dark. Only two spots of light on the cross. I kneel. Said nothing. Maybe there was no need? Maybe we talk to much? The weather was cloudy, the road was long.

During walking I met a Julie from Austria. She convinced me that they – Austrians are different than Germans. We walked together, then Spanish woman joined us. Then we met a horse. He (or it – I don;t know how to say properly in English) stand on the road. Alone. Strange. Women as women were scared. Me as me – curious. I approached him. Touched him. Pass my hand between his eyes. He had wise eyes and was almost white.

I reach Aviles alone. I walked to fast and on Camino it is not easy to walk different pace than your own. In albergue I met a young German woman and Spaniard I mentioned when I was in Cueres. She had ukulele, so we sang together “Halleluyah” of Cohen.

There was a little disadvantage concerning shower. It was in different building, so one has to go outside to the shower and back. It became cold and I was trembling.

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