Camino 2015, pictures: day 109 Gijon

On 109 day of my Camino I walked 27km to Gijon. After events in Villaviciosa I wasn’t quite sure about state of my organism so I decided to go along a motorway instead of St. James route.

It was rain all day long. It didn’t feel down from the sky, it rather just was. I mean it was like going through a cloud with tens thousands little drops hanging in the air. Not pleasant feeling. Man closes himself and just walks forward. When I looked at my hand I saw quite funny view, a lot of single drops on it. You may see it on a pictures below.

Just before Gijon there is a camping Deva which is used as an albergue for pilgrims. Little wooden houses didn’t look nice in that rain, but pilgrims are the most wonderful people in the world so Pole, Czech, Englishman, Spaniard and Frenchman quickly found themselves as an interesting and good companions.

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