Camino 2015, pictures: day 108 Villaviciosa

On 108 day of my Camino, I stayed in Villaviciosa. After that night I could think about many things but not about walking. It was rainy morning – Sunday. I went to the mass. Beautiful little church. Later some walking in the rain and coming back to albergue.

Finally I went to sleep. I woke up about 3 pm. A little consideration and decision that I’ll go to the coast. I went to the bus station, bought a ticket and got inside a little vehicle. 20 minutes and the coast.

I think that we are friend, pals, I mean me and that Big Blue between Europe and America. Someone can say that we know each other just about two weeks, but this is not true. We know each other since… or even before. I’m serious.

I took off my clothes, made steps on the sand and… whoops in the water. I like it, swimming, always felt in the water… I don’t know how to say it, just good. Maybe there is kind of analogy, between water and life. In both cases a man can try to be rigid, to be tough, to stand firmly “on the ground”, but… yeah it’s easy to drown then, to be lost. So if we let go, that desire of control what’s around us and even ourselves, then water, like life, seems to start to carry us, to support us.

Of course, it’s Atlantic! So one need to be careful with it’s force. I swam three times. Than returned for the last bus to Villaviciosa. I was so stunned when I saw that driver drove off 2 minutes before time. The watch was just in front of his eyes and it was the LAST course. You know… Spain 🙂

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