Camino 2015, pictures: day 107 Villaviciosa

On 107 day of my Camino I walked 24 km to Villaviciosa. I think that this name means Wealthy Village. Unfortunatelly camino route led me into the mainland, far from the coast and weather was really hot. I walked some time with Korean man. He was strong, but I, like always, didn’t take rests, so to Villaviciosa I arrived alone.

As I wrote before I had digestive problems since I entered the Spain. In Villaviciosa I decided to make some serious action about it. You now, like a man do. What I did, what happened you will read in my book. In the deep night instead of sleeping I wandered through streets of Villaviciosa. Fiesta. Drunken, happy people and that comletely unbelievable energetic music Gente de Zona:

Btw, nice arrows on a picture below…

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