Camino 2015, pictures: day 106 La Isla

On 106 day I walked 24 km from Cuerres to La Isla. There was a cloudy weather, I walked mostly along the coast. Atlantic was gray as clouds above him/it. Before La Isla typical spanish marks. You can see them on a picture below. There are arrows left, there are arrows right, and even straight forward. Who cares?

When I arrived to albergue, one – unknown to me – Spaniard said “You must be that Pole walking from Poland to Santiago”. Wow. I became somehow famous at a moment. People talk… and voila!

In the afternoon I did some shopping, food, ice cream , beer. I sat at the beach and watched, strolling people, swimming children, all that movement. The sun came out from behind the clouds and nobody realized that in that very moment everything was a miracle. Because non of this had to exist. I rather felt it, like I felt a warm breeze on my cheeks, cause I didn’t thought at all. Just looking and tasting beer.

In the evening another nice surprise. I made a dinner, you know – some canned meat and pasta, and invited another polish pilgrim- woman for that dinner. Later a Spaniard and Korean joined us and we talked. It was quite a conversation but, what about? – that you’ll read in my book 🙂 – I hope.

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