Camino 2015, pictures: day 105 Cuerres

On 105 day of my Camino, I walked 40 km from Buelna to Cuerres. Long distance, heavy weather, so I arrived tired. In Cuerres there is unique albergue. Clean, nice, everything donativo, even food. It’s owned by German. Manfred with his wive bought a house in Cuerres and created this albergue.

He’s an awesome man. After I get in, I just washed my clothes and rested. In the evening Manfred invited me and one Spaniard pilgrim for a dinner. There were his friends and his wife too. We ate, talked to, we just have been there… together. We were close, Europeans I could say.

I see some people today, that want us to be divided. They want to divide people by nationality, by congregation, by political convictions or in any other way. They just crave for divisions, for isolating people from each other. I don’t like it.

Just before Cuerres there was a stone in the Atlantic, size about a football field. You can see it on a picture below. I stand there and looked, and thought, how many men sow it, how many years it has been here, how it all changes in a flow of time, and who are we in that vast stream of life which throw that stone just in front of my eyes.

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