Camino 2015, pictures: day 104 Buelna

Pictures from 104 day of my Camino in 2015. I walked 40 kilometers from Comillas to Buelna. Views were awesome because Camino in that area goes along the coast, so on the right side I had a view on my big blue Friend, on the left there were Pyrenees, with their grey-silver slopes.

Because my digestive problems, that started when I entered Spain didn’t diminished but became more and more annoying, I decided I won’t drink water from public shots/places anymore. After 40 km in sun I became thirsty so I need to buy a bottle in a bar next to albergue. About 3 Euro. That was the price.

I stayed in albergue that evening and eat a dinner with the rest of pilgrims (8 Euro) among whose I was the only foreigner. It was a little awkward, cause we cannot communicate and frankly saying they were completely busy with themselves πŸ™‚ I didn’t mind. Ate and rested because the next day I planned again 40 kilometers march, which makes me even more tired πŸ™‚

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