Camino 2015, pictures: day 103 Comillas

On 103 day of my Camino I’ve walked 22 km from Santillana del Mar to Comillas. The weather was fine, distance was short, I came to Comillas very early.

After walking from Santader to Santillana del Mar about 40 km in terrible pace, I needed some rest and I found it in that 103 day. I met in albergue Manuela from Romania. She decided to go to the beach. I declined. Still, I was very tired after the day before and almost sleepless night. What’s more I planed to walk 80 kilometers in next two days, so I stayed in albergue, ate and rested.

Maybe we need some rest. Not just to gather our strength but as a kind of rhythm. So we need a rest from time to time, from almost everything. If we are used to noise we need some silence. If we used to loneliness we need a company. We just need some change, no matter how noble and honest our actions would be. Maybe because life is some kind of rhythm and we a part of that.

ps. Tomorrow there will be a day of rest for me (second), so next album and a note will be published on Tuesday 🙂

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