Camino 2015, pictures: day 102 Santiliana del Mar

It wasn’t a pretty day, that 102 day of my Camino. I walked about 40 km from Santader to Santiliana del Mar. You never know exactly how many km, because in Spain informations are not exact. Sometimes misleading.

I walked very hard, very fast, rested a little, to be able to get a place in public albergue, which is a lot cheaper. When I achieved Santiliana I was done, I thought I will fall apart, I felt terrible. But I arrived at proper time, so I stayed in albergue. My silent friend Spaniard arrived more than hour after me and had to look for a place to sleep somewhere else.

Santiliana is a little, beautiful but a little expensive ancient town. I was to tired to walk across the city, so I stayed in albergue. Night? It was the first night in my pilgrimage, that I cannot sleep. I didn’t believe that it could happen, but it happened. On the morning my eyes were red, I was tired, and French were joking about that night. Nevertheless I had to get up, wear my shoes, and be ready for another day.

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