Camino 2015, pictures: day 099 Islares

Below you can see pictures from 99 day of my Camino taken in 2015. It was amazing day. Full of beauty, adventures, some conflicts and some humor. Hope you’ll be able to read all about it, if I translate my book into English. It’s in the chapter 99 🙂

The route went just along the coast. Pilgrims had to climb a lot, so views were really amazing, and you can see them in the album below. In Islares there was a man from Cameroon, looking as he was sentenced by court to be hospitalero. Door to the shower couldn’t be fully closed so there was a little slit no matter what. If you pulled the knob it left it’s socket in the door and stayed in your hand 🙂

I went into an argument with a German pilgrim, cause sometimes I could be a little mischievous when I see to much pride or lack of reason. It was my fault and even I won a quarrel I felt bad. I shouldn’t do that, so I went and apologize. He was grateful and we embraced each other.

Again I had an argument with a Spaniard – what a day! – but we end up as friends. What’s good? I went with two girls (sorry women) from my country to the beach, swam and showed my bright side, that you can see on a pictures below too 🙂

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