Camino 2015, pictures: day 098 Pobeña

On 98 day of my Camino in 2015, I walked 27 km from Bilbao to Pobeña. I’ve chose a different variant of route, along a canal connecting Bilbao and Portugalette. I’ve took a few photos in the morning in Bilbao. Walked though that city with my new silent friend – Spaniard who didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Spanish, but somehow we liked each other and were able to communicate 🙂 There is a John Adams statue in Bilbao. Basks remember him and his words. You can see a photo in album below.

In Portugalette I sent to my home: my poncho, additional battery and guide to France. 1 kg less.

I arrived early to Pobeña so I didn’t have problems with accommodation. Those who came later were sent away. Till… late evening came Emillie, young Frenchwoman I mentioned earlier. She just smiled looking at the hospitlalero. Poor Spaniard first became speechless for a while then found another tent for her 🙂 What to say, I gave her my mat, cause I had a bed and slept that night next to my another friend from Japan – Takahashi.

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