Camino 2015, pictures: day 097 Bilbao

Below there is a flickr album with pictures from 97 day of my Camino in 2015. I walked 30 km from Gernika to Bilbao. Difficult way, more than km up and down. Public albergue in Lezama was closed, so most ppl walked from Gernika to Bilbao.

In the morning there were some views. I could just stand there and watch, and watch, and time would stop then, and everything was so intensive…

I talked to a new friend – Jero from Slovakia. He was young and I think, he searched for a way of life walking that Camino. Hospitalera didn’t understand English so she unwillingly send my in wrong direction in Bilbao when I asked for a post office. I made a few km extra and walked stairs down to the center of the city and then up. How many steps? 310. I’m serious, I counted. A margin for error is really low 🙂

Since I entered Spain I had some problems with my stomach. Nothing serious but constant discomfort. I even looked for a little amount of strong alcohol, you know, to cure myself. But… no… except wine, I found no reliable alcohol. That is probably specialty of more northern societies 🙂

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