Camino 2015, pictures: day 096 Gernika

Gernika or Guernica became famous due to the picture of Pablo Picasso. Today it is a pretty little town, with albergues for pilgrims on Camino del Norte.

To Gernika I walked from Markina Xemein – 25 km and again a lot ups and downs pilgrims had to walk. The marks on the route were sometimes missing, sometimes misleading, to the extend, that even Spaniards ask others for directions.

I got to know other pilgrims in Gernika, Pablo from Spain, Kim from USA. Kim arrived a few hours after me and was very disappointed by the route markings.

When I sat at the table and eat some food I started to talk to a Japanese man. Takahashi was a teacher of Japanese language, and it was one of “t h e s e” conversations, which happen unexpectedly on Camino. Deep and open. And I liked this calm and introvert man. Later, it turned out that he liked me too 🙂 On the surface one may think that we were absolutely distant. Different cultures, different civilizations. He was even unable to pronounce my name. But in fact, we become close to each other, because we were pilgrims, on the road…

This bed with red slipping bag was mine. Next to me slept Pablo.

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