Camino 2015, pictures: day 093 Zarautz

Below there is an album (you need to click on the photo to see it) from 93 day of my Camino (taken in 2015). Again like the day before, it was heavy rain for the most of the day. Paths were steep, filled with stones, which can be slippery in the rain.

Since Argenton in France where I damaged my foot, I learn to walk in some uncommon way. I walked with a rather slow steady pace. I didn’t force my pace in any moment, but I rarely or not at all took rests.

So in the first part of the day younger pilgrims outran me almost without an effort. How they were surprised when arriving to albergue in Zarautz they saw a pilgrim from Poland on the first place, just next to the entrance! 🙂

Late afternoon, after shopping and meal I went to the seaside. I looked for some time. Then, I took off my clothes, asked a spanish woman to keep an eye on my bag, and made some steps forward. I felt in on my calves then on my knees, then… I just throw myself forward and I dived. A few moves of arms and legs and again, my head was over the water. Then again, head down, strong move and… nothing else… just a man and an infinite ocean. After 93 days of walking on the ground.

Who knows? Maybe we all need. To plunge, to dive. Without boundaries and restrictions. To plunge in life, in love, in work or creativity. When there is just what is in front of us and what we do. And maybe in that way, somehow – we become… people.

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