Camino 2015, pictures: day 090 Espelette

A few pictures from my Camino in 2015. It was 90 day of walking. I started in Saint Jean Pied de Port and when all pilgrims went towards Pyrenees… I went backwards. Instead of going to Spain, I went back to France. I felt horrible because of that. I felt that I’m not on the way to Santiago, that going back to France I’m a kind of freak or something. This is not the way pilgrims go! – something shout me in the ear all day long. What could I do? I decided that way, maybe to many times, opposite to what seem rational.

I went 36 km from SJPP to Espelette. All in hot sun. At the end I had some adventures with finding albergue. But it’s all in the book. Ultimately I found it, and I stayed there with a Spanish couple from Barcelona.

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