Camino 2015, pictures: day 089 Saint Jean Pied de Port (SJPP)

So here the story ends. Story of a man walking from Eastern Poland city Lublin to Santiago. It ends in a sense, that most of the pilgrims know the route from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago. So there will be (almost) nothing new to them.

This time it will be short version, the full one (I hope) you will be able to read in my book: 89 day I walked 30 km from Saint-Palais to Saint Jean Pied de Port (SJPP). And that was a day when I had to make a decision which I carried from the threshold of my home in Lublin for 89 days of my walking: Which route to take to Santiago? Camino Frances, which seemed to me easier or del Norte, which was about 80 km to the north from SJPP? Ultimately I decided to go Camino del Norte. I found a way on a map in internet. Two days of hard walking thorugh near Pyreneeys terrain to Irun, where del Norte starts.

In SJPP I said good bye to Willeke, a woman walking from Holland which I met about a week ago. We’ve got to used to each other a bit. You know… these friendships made on Camino … Who walked knows.

In albergue I was joking with a young Brazilian and Italians. Korean girl slept above me. Ppl from all of the world meet there and everything is just normal, perfect in some way. There a no government programs, multimillion donations from the riches. People just want to be there, to walk, to get tired, to be together, who knows… maybe they want something more…? Something that they can’t exactly express by words, but still they feel it, and because of that, they put their shoes on, got up, and walk. Maybe this is what we are – people in a pilgrimage. And maybe this is the most profound truth about all of us…

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