Camino 2015, pictures: day 086 Hagetmau

Except that picture below, there are no more photos from 86 day of my Camino in 2015. It was long and difficult way, 33 km to Hagetmau in France. Rain was falling all day long. I almost got cold that day, cause I started in a sleeveless and got wet right from the start. I thought that I could endure, but I couldn’t. Rain, wind, and lower temperature made me almost sick. Stopped under the roof of little shed, I took of my wet clothes, wiped myself with a towel and changed outfit to fit walking in the rain.

When I arrived to Hagetmau I met in albergue a french family. We sat down and started to talk. It’s strange how much people can say during such meetings on Camino. We had a quite serious conversation. And… in this way, pilgrim becomes a part, of someones else problems, sometimes even tragedy… and effort to look for renewal, to get over it, by walking this unique and amazing way… that sometimes can heal peoples hearts.

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