Camino 2015, pictures: day 085 Mont-de-Marsan

85 day of my Camino in 2015. 24 km to Mont-de-Marsan. It was totally incredible and amazing story. But here there is no place to describe it. When I translate my book, you would be able to read about it. For now you may see a hint of it on the picture below.

There are four pilgrims in the middle of a picture: Christophe, a Frenchman walking to Santiago from France, me walking from Poland, Willeke walking from her home in Holland and Aurora walking from France.

So there we are, in that place on Earth and in that moment in time, still standing, still smiling… and the world is blossoming around us. Nothing changes. These joy and happiness are still there forever, and waiting for us, for everybody, to meet them again…

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