Camino 2015, pictures: day 083 Captieux

83 day 17 km, short but beautiful road through forest to Captieux. In the forest I met another pilgrim – Christophe, a Frenchman. He rested while I walked. We said hello, but he barely spoke English, so I went further.

In Captieux was quite nice. Still an officer, French woman and Christophe who came after me, couldn’t speak, English, so there was a lot of guessing. Then Aurora Came. A young French woman I met 12 day before in Bénévent-l’Abbaye. So we met again.

Generally on Camino, especially so long as mine, there are curious meetings. You get to know someone. You loose him/her from your eyes. You forget and suddenly – you meet each other again.

Last to alberge came Willeke, wonderful woman from Holand. As tast someone to freely talk to in English. I made some shopping, returned to albergue i started to make pasta for all. Christophe went to some restaurant, so I stayed with two ladies and believe me – we enjoyed both: conversation and food I made 🙂

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