Camino 2015, pictures: day 080 Saint Ferme

Below there are pictures from 80 day of my Camino from 2015
80 days… Is it believable? That one can go 80 days? That 80 days earlier I just walked out of my home? Or that 80 days before I started to publish photos from camino?

When we do something with all our heart, when we do it day by day, then… when we stop and look behind, it sometimes hard to believe, what we’ve done.

On 80 day I’ve walked to Saint Ferme. At last I ate a real breakfast – you can see it in on the picture in album below. It was extremely hot that day. Once I picked from the tree a peach, warmed up by the sun. And… I just flew away 🙂 I even closed my eyes, still walking. Fruits sold in markets are something completely different kind.

In Saint Ferme after a dinner we walked (me and 3 French) to sightseeing the Saint Ferme abbey. It’s beautiful church built by stone in XIII century. Some of the stones had marks on them. These marks – explained Jean-Claude – were put there by stonemasons, to just mark their products. “Wow, So my ancestor lived among them” – I exclaimed. French seem surprised. “There is ‘Z’ mark like Zbigniew! You see?” – I pointed at one stone. Happily they understand a joke and we all laughed.

There was a picture exhibition In the church. On the last photo there was all population of Saint Ferme, gathered in front of the church in the year 2000. Young and old, smiling and serious, all looking in the eye of camera, looking in the vastness of time and they are… forever on this picture. Who knows? Maybe forever in real? Maybe everything we do, everything what happens somehow still exist. Even if we move, in time and space. I’m looking at these faces, at these looks and I feel somehow like we all… look, wait, having hope… forever.

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