Camino 2015, pictures: day 077 Périgueux

I don’t know who was st. Front but he has quite a cathedral in Périgueux. This church was built before 1150 A.D. and it is in Romanesque style. Different, beautiful.

I walked to Périgueux with my friend Jorre again. He taught me to eat unripe corn. Tasted sweet. I got some pain in my stomach after that, but man need to be tough! 🙂 Especially hungry man 🙂

In Perigeux I stayed in kind of private albergue. When the landlady saw me, she offered a massage to my legs. Eh… man, man – you should agree then! 🙂

Yep, but I refused. Bad choice 🙂 I walked a lot through Périgueux, looking for a supermarket and trying to buy new sockets. At last, very tired I came back, cooked my dinner, and went to sleep.

Below there are pictures from that day: 30 July 2015 still in France.

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