Camino 2015, pictures: day 075 La Coquille

Pictures from 75 day of my Camino in 2015. I walked 23 km to La Coquille. Weather was good, views were wide and beautiful. At one moment I stopped. I was looking for a quite a picture: Christian cross just next to table about buddhist monastery in the middle of France. What does it says? I was not sure. But I stood there and think a minute. You can see this picture among others in an flickr album below.

In La Coquille I met my friend Jorre. Jorre was eighteen and walked from his home from Belgium. First we met in Vezelay, two weeks before.

Albergue in La Coquille was managed by two the most unusual and sympathetic hospitaleros I ever met. One was the owner of a club in Belgium where he gave time to time piano concertos. Second one worked there and walked Camino. One day he walked 70 km, unbelievable! Both were an eruption of cordiality, joy and friendliness. I was happy there 🙂 We need so little…

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