Camino 2015, pictures: day 074 Flavignac

3 pictures from 74 day of my Camino: 33km to Flavignac. During the walking I got a phone-call from Flavignac. I walked down on a steep path, they almost didn’t understand English, I almost fell. I understood that I need to call to Mairie Office before 2 pm. But nobody received my calls, you know… they were working πŸ™‚

Before Flavignac I walked by GPS and came to a vast fenced pasture. End of the road. Just map was wrong. I decided I will not turn back, just crossed the fence and went forward. I had no idea if there were any animals in this area (some bulls?) or if I will be able to cross fence again, so I was a little scared. After about kilometer I saw another edge of the pasture. Happily I make it.

There are only 3 pictures below. First is a Maire Office in Flavignac (kind of little town hall). Second – entrance to albergue, and the third – cows. I stopped and talk to them for a while. You know… men’s alone do some strange things πŸ™‚

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