Camino 2015, pictures: day 071 Bénévent-l’Abbaye

Some pictures from 71 day of my Camino in 2015. I woke up on a camping in Crozant very early, it was dark everywhere. I took my belongings and started to walk. The sky became so colorful, so amazing, that I took some pictures you can see below.

There is a picture of my first meal since the day before yesterday (2 days back). It didn’t taste well but I was famished and determined 🙂

To Bénévent-l’Abbaye I walked 35 km. I arrived very tired and with relief I discovered a road sign to Santiago de Compostela. I said that after 71 days of hard walking only 1547km has left to Santiago 🙂

And for the first time since Vezelay I met other pilgrims in albergue. A German, Belgian and two French women. I was really elevated by that company 🙂

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