Camino 2015, pictures: day 068 Chateauroux-Deols

A few pictures from 68 day of my Camino taken in 2015. I walked 28 km to Chateauroux-Deols along the motorway and that day I became a king of french roads πŸ™‚ (just joking).

Big trucks were changing their route to make me more space, they greeted me by lights, drivers show me their welcome and respect by gestures. Two cars even stopped and ppl came to me offering a help or a ride. It was so kind.

Chateauroux-Deols is a lovely little town with a little but nice albergue. First time I started to talk in tourist office in my own language. Young ladies became quite frightened hearing these completely strange (for them) words. They showed a big relief when I spoke English at last πŸ™‚

I found a supermarket in Chateauroux-Deols so I cooked and eat as much as I could πŸ™‚

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