Camino 2015, pictures: day 066 Bourges

66 time I share pictures from succeeding day of my pilgrimage in 2015. It probably looks like harassment now, but… I started, and when a man starts something it needs to be done πŸ™‚

On 66 day of my Camino from Poland to Santiago, I was still in France. I walk 30 km from Montifault to Bourges. My hosts from Montifault just called to their friends in Bourges asking if they could give me accommodation for one night. They agreed. So in Bourges I went to Eric’s house. Night with a family which was not planned or expected by both sides is something amazing. I’m still smiling when I remind myself that time.

First I went to a mass because it was Sunday. Then Eric and his wife took me to see a cathedral in Bourges. It is… wow, I mean amazing, unspeakable πŸ™‚ quintessence of Catholicism This almost wild and uncontrollable rush towards different world.

– “Like a ship” – I said looking at this Cathedral.
– “Like a ship” – repeated Eric.

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