Camino 2015, pictures: day 065 Montifault

Pictures from 65 day of my camino in 2015. 25 km to Montifault.

There is a number, I think, that if trespass it then one may get lost. Days wandering like sheep, or roll like stones. Man cannot make some order from them. What remains is only road ahead and just a moment on this road and that particular day of pilgrimage, day of life, as a task.

Morning in La Charite-sur-Loire was absolutely beautiful. There are some pictures below, especially this bridge, and clouds, and lonely lantern.

In Montifault I stayed in French family. They live there, have quite a farm. Fields, buildings, machines. They took me for a mass to different village. There other French invited me for a dinner. It looked that I became kind of attraction. I refused and stayed with my hosts.

In the evening we ate dinner outdoors. We talk. They offered me a stay in the next city, made some calls, and that’s it. Strange is our world. So many harsh situations, hard times. So many unusual, warm, amazing people who reach their hand towards you. God? Yeah…

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