Camino 2015, pictures: day 062 Vézelay

Pictures taken on 15 July 2015 in Vézelay. It was 62 day of my Camino and second when I stayed in one place. I bought at last a guide book about Camino from Vézelay to SJPP. I was in basilica again. What can I say? It is build from stone, space and light. Just incredible.

The way a mass was performed still resonates in my inside. I looked, I listened to and frankly saying I was not there at all. I was somewhere else on the road, carried by singing, mixing with light and geometry, just on the move to … you know.

I would like to return to Vézelay some day. But I would like walk again to it. Not drive by car or fly by airplane. I would like to walk there. Maybe because it is the road we take, which gives the meaning to everything we met, and find out, and experience in our life.

There are some beautiful photos (imho) below (if you click on the picture) and this is an amateur film taken in this basilica:

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