Camino 2015, pictures: day 061 Vézelay

Pictures from July 14 2015. Sixty days earlier I left my home and except one day, I walked consistently every day through Europe. Recently I often slept outside, which maybe romantic but it’s not a good rest for a man. I walked 50 kilometers 3 days before and 43 km the day before. Weather was extremely hot. Terrain rough and honestly saying I was done. Completely exhausted.

Maybe there is a kind of tiredness that can’t be erased by one night. It stays with a man. Starts to grow every day. Lay a heavy burden on mans arms, until… you cannot take it further.

Vézelay is one of its kind. Amazing, magical – in that good sense. The dept of experience you can have there is beyond words. I’ve tried to tell it in my book, from my pilgrimage.

I reached Vézelay on July 14 the day of French Revolution. So I was invited, among other pilgrims, for an official picnic. There was lovely food, wonderful wine and charming company without limits. So… yes, I overdosed everything 🙂 Of course not to the point of being drunk.

Late, after the midnight I’ve watched a popular theater play performed outside, just on one place in town. It was, like always, about love. Then I returned to albergue, knowing that I will stay, one day more in Vézelay.

ps. There is one photo among others which I hesitate to publish. I took it on myself when I reached Vézelay. I look on it very badly, so I don’t know: Share it because it is real or withdraw it, because I look bad and it’s not pretty. I’ll do what ppl say.

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