Camino 2015, pictures: day 059 Savoisy

Pictures from 59 day of my camino taken in 2015.
After walking 50 km the day before and sleeping in sleeping bag outdoors, I felt little weak. It was Sunday so I went to a mass in Châtillon-sur-Seine. Little, beautiful and ancient church.

After a mass a Frenchman invited me for a dinner. What’s more they called to their friends in Savoisy and these agreed to offer me a night. So went to Savoisy. There I met Laurant and his wife and daughter. Charming and wonderful ppl. They were walking camino too. Their house was more than 500 years old. The day was so amazing.

Below there is a street in Châtillon-sur-Seine where the first family, which invited me to a dinner, lives. Inside a few photos more.

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