Camino 2015, pictures: day 052 Metz

On the morning 52 day of my Camino, I woke up and got up from the grass I slept. Dirty and thirsty I walked 37 km towards Metz. Extremely hot, Sunday, everything closed. Nowhere to buy something to drink. And again, some miracles happened (long story). They allow me to reach Metz.

There I stayed for the last time in a parish commanded by charming polish priest. In the evening I went to a mass. I enjoyed to listen to french singing. At last some beauty and charm instead of german dignity. Going to sleep I regretted that I can’t go down to the city, sit down by one of many tables on the street, look at the people, speak, drink some wine, have some fun. Just be with the people in this quite special night.

Below some pictures from that day 5 July 2015

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