Camino 2015, pictures: day 048 Morbach

Below there is an flickr album of pictures taken on July 1 2015, 48 day since I left my home and started my journey to Santiago. On the (almost) 70 km route between Sohren where I was the day before and Trier where I planned to go (near west border of Germany) I was unable to find cheap accommodation. So I went only 22 km to Morbach where I was welomed. The next day I needed to achieve Trier in about 47 km march through very rough terrain.

When I was resting, the german woman approached me, and gave me some strawberries. You can see them on one of pictures below. You can see also monuments. There are a lot of monuments of dead soldiers in Europe. They had the same dreams, the same life expectations, they shared the same western culture or even religion. They died heroic, try to kill each other. Will we ever learn? – as Pete Seeger sang.

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