Camino 2015, pictures: day 046 Rheinböllen

46 day of my Camino in 2015 I’ve walked just West. I had no place to sleep that day, nor any plan where to look for it, where to find it. I phoned to the parish in Simmern but I heard “No”. So I just walked ahead, wandering and in tension about how it will ends.

In a little village I saw a church and a little parish. – “I’m sorry, I have a question. But if it’s any problem please feel free to say No” – I said to the woman who opened the door. – “But what is this question?” – she asked So… I stayed there 🙂

I crossed the Reihn that day. Then Bingen. Then I miss the direction, what cost me some kilometers for free. Then steep road into the wilderness. The pictures are below.

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