Camino 2015, pictures: day 041 Biebergemund

41 day of my Camino: June 24 2015, 29 km from Schlüchtern to
Biebergemund. Western Germany is wealthier than East part of the country it is easy to notice that. The weather was good. I called to another parish and got an approval for staying for a night. I called that day to another two parishes about 30 km further – one refuse, one agreed to have me for another – next night.

Without a guidebook, I had to “organize” my nights during my walking days via Internet and my phone, that’s all I had. For 3 days I was successful, I was just wander how long I’ll be lucky man, and what when I couldn’t find at last anybody to give me a free or a low budget place to sleep.

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