Camino 2015, pictures: day 040 Schlüchtern

Pictures from 40 day of my Camino – June 23 2015.

On the morning in Fulda, first time in my pilgrimage I was hesitating and wandering. I say in front of the train station. It was so close. Just a 50 meters, buy a ticket, and get back home or… go into unknown, where you do not know if you will find any affordable place to sleep, where nobody waits for you, where you are on your own. I got up, and walk further.

From Fulda I went 33 km to Schlüchtern. There is a polish priest in catholic parish in Schlüchtern. I stayed there for a night, other pilgrims are welcome there too. I had no knowledge where to stay further and I had not enough money to stay at commercial place. Still I was in the middle of the Germany.

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